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Friday, January 14, 2011

Orange Chicken Spring Rolls

We have been addicted to spring rolls at our house lately. There is literally thousands of ways to make these bad boys!! They are a great healthy food, fun to eat, and healthy too!!

We were having an episode of "Chopped" at our house one night and my oldest son found the recipe for this orange sauce, which is really delicious!! It tastes excellent with a crispy chicken, but was just as tasty with 'not' fried chicken.

You wrap these with Rice Paper wrapper and you put rice noodles inside them. I have found that most grocery stores sell the rice noodles, however not all sell the wrappers. I usually just visit my local Asian market to get both, because I found it to be the best price. But I do know that Cost Plus World market sells them too!!

Orange Chicken Spring Rolls

4 cups cooked chicken meat, I used boneless skinless chicken breasts
15 romaine lettuce leaves
1 large handful of washed cilantro
1 cup carrots cut in long thin strips
1/2 cup green onions diced
 orange sauce recipe here
1 pkg rice paper wrappers (square or round)
1 pkg rice noodles, wide or thin, I use wide

Most of your time will be spent in prep time, once everything is prepped you just roll them up and eat them!!!

Hydrate noodles according to package directions. I just boiled some water, turn it off and throw the noodles in for about 5-7 minutes. Then drain. Wash lettuce leaves and cut ends off, they should be about 5" long. Wash cilantro and carrots, then slice carrots. Wash and dice green onions. Prepare orange sauce while doing all the prep cutting. You could either cook the chicken according to the orange sauce recipe or you can just broil or boil it, depending on how healthified you wanna be.

Now its rolling time!! Have a pot or pan with really hot water at your assembly line. Dip your rice paper wrapper in the hot water and have a little water down on your clean prep surface. After dipping paper, be careful because it will stick to itself, lay flat on work surface. Start by putting one lettuce leaf in the center of the paper, top with about 5 carrots pieces, a couple springs of cilantro, about a tsp of green onions, about 1/4 cup of chicken, about a 1/2 cup of rice noodles and top with approx 1 T of orange sauce. Then roll up to look like an egg roll. You can serve immediately.

They are actually really easy to make and taste FABULOUS!!!

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