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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some of the cakes I've made.......

Here are some of the cakes I have made over the last 2 years. Take a look and lmk what you think!! I'd like to do it more often and hopefully someday get paid to make a cake!! Wouldnt that be GREAT!! Right now I just do it for fun and for the people I love!!

I was not pleased with this one....I think it was the brown color of the fondant that I really didnt like. It reminded me of poop. :) Anyways I made this one for my oldest sons 17th case you couldn't tell it was for his!!
 This one for for my Grandma last year (2010) her and my oldest have the same birthday!!
 This one was for my sons 16th day!!
 I made this cake for my mom.....we won't mention which bday it was, but just let you know it was a bday cake!! It's one of my fav's!!
 This was for my uncle on his bday...can you guess his name??? lol
 This one was for Annie's bday cuz I <3 her!! She moved away and now Im sad, but she lives close to where they filmed scenes from Twilight....and Im jealous!!
 This was my youngest sons xbox 360 cake....kinda plan....but that's what the xbox looked like!!
This was the cake I made for my neighbor Marcie, I was trying to make it look just like her giant drum that she uses and then I added the sign for her tribe on top!!


  1. Great job I need to put a order in soon :)

  2. Brie you're so stinkin' cute! I looovveee you and all of your wonderful cakes :)

  3. Thank you Karen!!! Just lmk!! Thanks Anita I <3 you too and I can't wait to make yours!!!